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Its been a while since I’ve posted on here and for that i deeply apologize! But I’m back and i plan on revamping my blog, so please stay tune for the upcoming refresh thats about to happen!!



My Two Favorite Body Scents at Bath and Body Works!




Hey Everyone!

So today I’m going to talk to you about what my favorite body scents are at bath and body works. I find every time I go in there its really overwhelming, not in a bad way in a; “ I wanna smell everything, this store is so colorful and awesome” kinda way. I’ve been using bath and body works products for a few years now, and I’ve tried many of their scents. I find everyone is different though, not one scent smells the same on everyone. Many of my family members and friends have tried to get me to try certain scents that they like, but they don’t necessarily smell the same on me. For example, my friend has always smelt like Twilight Woods, and every time I smell it I think wow that smells like her. But when I go to try it, it just smells weird and not nice like it does on her.

I have narrowed down to my two favorites. I would have to say my all time favorite is your classic Japanese Cheery blossom. I love this scent! I use to use the body wash and moisturizer but have recently been trying something new, so right now I’m using the body spray. Every time I get out of the shower I use Japanese Cherry blossom. I like using it right when I get out of the shower because it’s not really overwhelming, and doesn’t have a very strong artificial scent to it.

My second favorite, which was a recent new favorite that I had just discovered about a month then a half ago is, Mad about you. I love this so much! This scent smells so yummy, like candy. I love spraying this body spray on me when I’m about to go out. I find at the very beginning of putting this on it may smell a bit overwhelming, but it dies down into this soft candy scent a few minutes after.

So there you have it, these are my two favorite scents from bath and body works. Id love to know which ones you like? Or which ones you think I should try! Please feel free in leaving a comment below. Also, if you haven’t heard of Bath and Body Works (Though I’m sure all of you have) I will leave a link below to there website so you can check it out!


Trending- Crop Tops!



Hey everyone!

So its no secret that crop tops are trending! And have been for the past few years. Crop tops came about in the 80’s and Pop star Madonna was really the one to start the trend. Thank you Madonna!

I have to say that this has to be a look that I’m very into at the moment. I find I’m wearing crop tops with everything now. Weather it be for a casual stroll, or going out for a nice dinner. There are so many ways to wear a crop top.

If your having trouble figuring out what to wear a crop top with, don’t stress to much! Crop tops can be worn with high waisted shorts, skirts, jeans, leggings, and jeggings. They can be worn both casual and for fancier occasions. Here are some examples of how you can wear your crop tops!


1) This is more of a causal look. She has paired a nice cut off sleeve button up with higher waisted jeans. This look is great because although its meant for a casual vibe, you could easily add a chunky necklace, some high heel pumps and a cute little clutch, to make it more of a going out look’. 

2) I find this year that this look is the most popular. Having a crop top with a high waisted flowwy skirt, can not only be dressed down but can be paired for a more fancier look. This look she has on here is a great look if your having a girls night, or maybe even a first date. Its great cause your not showing that much skin, it looks classy and chic. 

3) I love this look! And i really love this shirt. I love the idea of having a higher scope neckline with an open back, and pairing that with high waisted leather shorts looks amazing. This look is great for a night out. 

4) This is another look that is very popular right now. High waisted denim shorts with a casual crop tee. This look is great because its easy, theres not much thought to it, and it looks great. This look is great for hanging out, its comfortable and easy. 

Lastly, the awesome thing about all these looks are; there not seasonal. You could wear any of these outfits in the Fall/ Winter as well. Just pair some cute tights and a cardigan, maybe even an infinite scarf? Whatever your style is, theres many ways to keep these looks for all year round! 




Mini Fashion Haul!

Hey Everyone,


Sooooooooo yesterday I was kind of having a bla day. I was just feeling a little upset, so I figured what better way to make myself happy then to go for a little shop.   I didn’t go to crazy which was good, and everything I bought was under $60.


This isn’t a big haul, I ended up only buying stuff from H&M and Bath and Body Works. I went to the mall with the intention to go to Bath and Body works and pick up a couple car scents and ended up leaving with a few extra things. So lets dig in!!



First off I went to H&M. They’re having a big sale there right now, and I couldn’t resist. I mean it, I really couldn’t, I tried. Everything was under $20.

So… I saw this Sweater for $10 and it’s a really light, flowwy cardigan with very fine detailed lines that go vertical. I really like this piece because I think its great for rainy days, summer nights and even great for the fall when it rolls around. It’s a great length to so I can wear it with pretty much anything.

photo 1

Next I got this high waisted flowwy skirt which I’ve been looking everywhere for. I know there really popular right now, but I’ve had a really hard time finding one that looks good and works with my body. I have really wide hips, so its hard to pull off skirts like this, but this one looks great.

photo 2

As I was in line for the fitting room, this little gal was screaming my name. I’m just obsessed! I absolutely love the color and you can pair this with so many different outfits, weather that be casual or fancy. The great thing about this clutch to is if I did want to dress more casual this is the perfect statement piece that would make my outfit pop. This clutch was only $20

photo 3

After H&M i went to Bath and Body Works and they were also having a sale. I wanted a new wallflower, cause I have one for every season but summer so I was on the hunt for one. I came across this new wallflower scent they have just come out with which is called; Mango Coconut Cooler. It smells amazing! I love it because I find with most stores they make these summer scents smell really artificial and overwhelming. But this scent is the opposite; it’s not over baring at all. It smells really delicious! Also this line of wallflower scents is now on sale for $4.

wallflower peach

Lastly I bought some car scents in my favorite summer scent, which is Peach Bellini! Smells so good. I really recommend this scent if you like fruity scents for your car!

 car peach bel

That’s all for todays blog, hope you enjoyed it! Tata for now! 

Wet Brush Review



Hey Everyone!

So today i wanted to share with you something I’ve been obsessing over for months now; The Wet Brush. It has got to be if not the best, one of the best hair brushes I’ve ever used. I have really long hair, so long that my hair goes to my waist, i also have very fine hair so it gets tangled very easily. So I’ve always searched for a brush that would ease the tension and not make me feel as if my skull was bleeding, and this brush is heaven for a girl like me. Its hard to explain, but it doesn’t pull on loose hairs like most hair brushes do, its very kind to knots, it has strong flexible bristles, and it works extremely well in both wet & dry hair.

Ive recommended this brush to many of my friends, all of which who love it just as much as me. This brush has an overall 5 star rating which is the highest rating you can get, so i mean it must be satisfying many people. Which is why i need to share this with you guys. If you never heard about it i suggest you go get one now it will change your life i promise you, and if you have heard about it like this post or share it with someone you think would really benefit from trying this. 🙂

Things to bring on your weekend away!


Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to write you a blog about things you may need if you’re going away for the weekend. That could mean anywhere, friends house, aunts that lives 5 hours away, friends cottage, camping, hotel for a weekend getaway, or even a vacation somewhere.

Now, I’m not saying that everything I’m listing here is what you should bring to all of these; I’m more or less just generalizing, giving you an idea, or a reminder.

I’m doing this because I find it so annoying every time I need to go somewhere I never know what to bring. So, I go online look for lists that people have made up see what they say to bring, realize halfway though their that they obviously aren’t in my age bracket or of my gender and don’t have any idea how important it is to bring; primer, concealer and foundation.

So if your like me, someone that wants to be prepared for any of these moments then I hope that this is your holy grail that makes life that much easier for you!

Check out things to pack list:

Things to bring on your weekend away

Cool item of the Month: Steripods! <3

Cool Item of the Month: Steripod <3

Cool Item of the Month: Steripod ❤

Hey Everyone!

So i wanted to share with you one of the cool items I’ve discovered this month! There called Steripods! Steripods are a sanitizer for your toothbrush. Its a plastic clip that has a filtrating compound with 3 holes that allow vapours to escape that surround your brush bristles. Basically the vapours do all the work. It protects your tooth brush from any bacteria, keeping it sanitized and fresh. I love this product, I’ve noticed a big difference in the smell and feel of the bristles, this is also a great way of protecting your toothbrush if you were traveling and it takes up minimal space.

Each Steripod lasts up to 3 months, you can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond , Wal-Mart, and Target. I bought the package that comes with two for $6.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond, but i believe you can get up to 8 in a package.

But anyways this has been my cool item of the month, and if your really into keeping your teeth clean, and being sanitary this is the product for you!